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Daily Selfseeker Blog

Expressing love to my self :What do we allow ourselves to do? Do we allow for expansion? Do we allow expression for our creativity?Do we live outward-in?This is where and when everything in the world outside of our selves, influences or affects all that lies within.Or do we live inward out? Where the world receives expressions of what lies within us. Expressed through our words, our actions, our songs, our dances, and various artistic and creative endeavours.Expressing love to my self is when i allow my self to play. Allowing freedom to explore. When I allow myself to create and participate, without fear of judgement.Judgement may still appear, and I shall brush it off.My language of love is expressed through creation of experiences at events created and curated for my self. Life at this point begins and death will come to us all any day. We are all struggling, yet flourishing. There aren't days any more when I am not vulnerable, accompanied by sensitivity. I open the doors for you to join us in play. Just for a day at Selfseeker Festival.

           The Story of the Selfseeker

Thank you for visiting us.


I am Nikhil, and I call myself Selfseeker, i.e. someone who is seeking themself and the process is ongoing. The more we seek, the more we find.

There is joy in finding ourselves. It leads us to scenarios where we stumble upon magical things that exist within us and in the World around us that we live in.

I have enjoyed creating the persona you see today.

I have been and continue to be:

A Storyteller


I love to tell stories created out of my own visualisations or through my own personal experiences.

Relating a story isn't wrong if we are or were a part of it.


A Photographer

2023 is a big year for me after winning 5 awards through the Australian Photography Magazine in different categories including people, nature, single shot and more. My photographs have been published in an online magazine and displayed at the Brisbane Ekka, 2021. My first exhibition is being held at Studio Lomandra on 18-19 Nov, 2023 as a part of my Selfseeker Festival. I enjoy creating postcards and frames out of nature. I take pride in my work which has minimal editing. 

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A Filmmaker

Through the pursuit of photographic skills, I was inspired to tell my stories through moving images. The Snack was his first attempt at creating a moving story. You will find it on my YouTube channel, along with the other films and media that followed suit.

Selfseeker Youtube Channel

Then I re-discovered Sound and Music.

A Sound healer

This led me to dive into sound therapy and I am now getting qualified as a sound therapist and exploring new territory through a magical instrument called a Quartzophone. I have a collection of more than 36 instruments and can play them at varying levels of skills.

You can listen to and purchase a Quartzophone through my website.

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A Quantum Healing Hypnosis TechniquePractitioner

I have trained in Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique and enjoyed practising this powerful technique to help people get a better and deeper understanding of the lives they lead. Every session is life-changing for me as a practitioner as well as for my client who feels empowered, gains clarity and focus on their path in life. 

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An event organiser for Selfseeker Festivals

I hold Selfseeker Events in and around Brisbane. I've held 3 festivals and one conference so far.

The next Selfseeker Festival is scheduled for 25 May in Samford.

Join us for a day of fun and frolic to rejuvenate yourself.

An event organiser for Selfseeker Conferences

In 2023, my team and I started building an additional avenue for Selfseeker Events which prioritise Conferences to Raise Awareness. 

We have incredible events coming to 2024 with many already underway. 

"Using Plants As Medicine" was our last event which was held 22-25 March 2024 at North Lakes Hotel, North Brisbane. With international speakers, 4 days of exciting and interesting information, this event was a great success.

You can learn more about our events in our Events Section.

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