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Quartzophone L1

Quartzophone L1

The crystal harp and crystal lyre were created in Quebec, Canada by Mine Cristal inc ,. by Gaudry Normand of Mine Cristal in 2011. by Gaudry Normand holds several patents on Quartzophone® instruments - both mechanical and design.

The Quartzophone® acrylic (model L1) and maple wood (model H2) are the new and improved models. These crystalline instruments are lighter, more beautiful, easier to hold and to play, with an enhanced, pure cristalline sound.  These instruments are made with pure quartz crystal tubes (99.9% SiO2). Quartz crystal is a natural, noble material that possesses an immense vibratory capacity. These musical instruments generate a pure, crystalline sound with powerful, resonant, omnidirectional tones and a special timbre; this distinguishes them from all other musical instruments. Now more than ever, you can create a high range of harmonics, filling your space with beautiful overtones. The Quartzophone® acrylic crystal lyre and the wood crystal harp create a tranquil and healing environment. Those who utilize sound and vibration use the Quartzophone® crystal lyre and crystal harp on their own or as a compliment crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs and tools used in native practices. They are played for personal relaxation, private healing sessions, group sound and vibration sessions and concerts.


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