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Using Plants As Medicine Conference
15-17 March 2024

Explore the incredible medicinal properties, health benefits and pure magic of the many beautiful gifts we receive from nature... plants.

"Using Plants As Medicine" will increase awareness, education and excitement around plant power.

Held in a collaborative environment of plant medicine enthusiasts, leading experts, professionals and general practitioners who will unlock secrets of healing with plants. 

Our incredible line up of presenters will be delving into the depths of:

~ Cannabis Prescription - different forms and how it is used to heal.

~ Cultural diversity and techniques when healing with plants.

~ Latest cutting edge research, studies and information on clinical trials.

~ Emerging therapies that include different plant medicine.

~ Discussion around the legalities of unique plant specimens.

~ Plant extraction techniques.

~ Experience unique and rare plant specimens with your own hands- explore samples with your senses - touch, feel and smell.

~ Gain valuable insight, practical knowledge.

~ Increase conscious awareness around the plant kingdom.

~ Meet and network with fellow attendees.

~ Q & A Panel

~ Performances by musicians who are inspired by plants and nature.

~ Explore the stalls at our conference to gain more information about specific presenters and their plant passions

When we feel into our upcoming Selfseeker Conference: Using Plants As Medicine, we vibe... Exclusivity, Education, Connection and Out-Of-The-Box thinking in an ever-changing society that is discreetly introducing and embracing the wonderful, natural world of plant medicine. 

We have lined up some of the top experts in the country to present at "Using Plants As Medicine" in 2024, including Doctors, Specialists, Researchers, Therapists, and Facilitators to discuss all things wonderful and magical when it comes to using plants as medicine. 


Our conference includes an exhibition where we will have product samples on display and on offer. 

Very limited bookings.
GET YOUR TICKETS BEFORE DECEMBER 31st to receive $150 off the FULL 3-Day PROGRAM! 


"Even a flower can change the world with its sweetness, its beauty and perfume. Such is its power." ~ Nick Sesh

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May 21, 2023 was the date the first Selfseeker Festival was held at Kupidabin Wilderness.

Check out the video above to see how it went.

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